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COVID-19 and Fun Days

Due to the unfortunate circumstances revolving around the COVID-19 situation, the Ogden Fun Days Committee has made the difficult decision to cancel Fun Days for 2020. Due to the planning process and fundraising efforts having to occur at this difficult time and the safety of everyone involved, the decision to cancel was made. Since we are fully funded by donations from area businesses and individuals, many of which are either forced to be closed or have reduced hours and customers, it was going to be difficult to get the funds raised to put on the event the way we would all like.  


Thank you for your support! It is sad that we had to make the decision but for the safety of everyone involved it is the right thing to do. Please take a look at our sponsors page and support those business as things open back up so we can have a strong 2021. Please stay safe and hope this situation gets resolved quickly so we can have Fun Days next year! The dates will be June 25-26, 2021.

—Andrew Pierce and Ben Hollingshead, Ogden Fun Days Co-Chairs

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